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BMRC – MultiGP Region 1A Qualifier on June 25th 2016


BMRC – Points Race on June 4 2016


BMRC – Wing Chasing May 5 2016


BMRC – April 10 Race 2016


Drone Racing // FPV Racing

What to expect at your first event Example Builds Race Courses

Race Courses

As an official Tier 2 MultiGP Chapter, the Boston Multi Rotor Club hosts events using courses of both their own design and those published as Universal Time Trials (UTT).   http://www.multigp.com/page/MultiGPUniversalTimeTrialTracks Official Gate Size: 5' x 5' Square Opening   UTT1 - The First UTT2 - Tsunami   UTT3 -…

What to expect at your first race

At BMRC we recommend attending an event as soon as possible, no matter your ability. We started just back in September of 2015 and found that the best way to get started is to show up and start flying!┬áThe key is to simply calibrate your expectations based on your ability.…

BMRC – February 28 Outdoor Race 2016


BMRC – February 21 Outdoor Race 2016


PID Tuning

By popular demand our first workshop will be on flight controller PID tuning. Standby for a confirmed date. Date: TBD in early 2016