Month: September 2015

Join Boston Multi Rotor Club

Looking to join BMRC ?
Well, you found the website.. great job!

Step One
Be awesome.
Ok, then read the disclaimer page.

Step Two
Sign up for an account on (its free!), and join our chapter (click join):

Step Three
Join the official Facebook group to stay updated with the latest crash event videos and news, that’s here:

That’s it, pretty sweet huh?


Disclaimer and Other Legal Information

We are just a group of people interested in all things RC – from flying wings to multirotors, to FPV Racing and to flying small multirotors line-of-sight.

Those who take part in group discussions or activities are not responsible for the actions of other members of the group. Each participant and member of the group bears the sole responsibility for his or her actions and any damage they cause to people or property. By participating in this group, you accept sole responsibility for your actions.

Fly with a spotter at all times and follow all AMA Safety Rules.

If you like to fly RC, it’s recommended you join the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). This will not only help support this fantastic hobby but you will also receive every benefit from personal insurance (as long as you follow AMA Safety Rules) to a great magazine subscription per your benefits you select. Join today at: or join the Park Pilots, Part of the AMA;

If you own or plan to own a RC Aircraft, Multirotor, and/or helicopter over 0.55 lbs., you are now required to register with the FAA, Click Here for more information.        

We strongly encourage all FPV pilots to hold a Technician-Class License, which is required from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to transmit the video signal over 25mW from your aircraft back to your visual display on the amateur radio band and frequencies. The license is not overly difficult or expensive to obtain and you learn more about what makes our sport work. Click HERE, for more information on how to obtain a FCC Technician-Class License. 

BMRC also strongly encourages following all AMA Safety Rules.    

Also see  and      

FAA Guidelines