January Newsletter 2016

Fellow pilots and BMRC members,

Happy snow day! Winter weather has finally arrived in Boston. I hope this email finds you all safe and well.
First matter up, in order to keep everyone informed on events and club activity, I’ll be sending out a newsletter with news every month.

Facebook and Online Presence:

We are starting to roll out our web presence, which will hopefully help us attract sponsors (re: prizes).

The official Facebook group is now available, check it out!
It is a closed group, so videos and pictures can be posted freely.

A new BMRC logo has also been created compliments of KiikCreate from beautiful Peurto Rico.
Stand-by for news on the website and t-shirts !



Events and Equipment 

During 2015 we held three races – a great success made possible by volunteers and determined racers. These were actually held as funflys and were largely operated through collective organization on the day of the event. While we did manage to work out frequency management and race heats on the morning of the event, this did lead to inefficiencies in our use of time. Therefore, I am pleased to announce the following:

Event Changes for 2016:

  • all events will managed by RaceSync through
    • this has been working VERY well
  • all events will be scored and points awarded towards the chapter leaderboard
  • event registration will close ~3 days in advance
  • frequencies will be assigned ~3 days in advance
  • 250mw or less video transmitters are required
    • anything higher stomps on everyones video and causes glitches
  • IMD5 Frequencies will be used for all events
    • this has been working VERY well
    • make sure you can support at least one of these frequencies, preferably more!
      • 5685 E2
      • 5760 F2
      • 5800 F4
      • 5860 F7
      • 5905 E6
      • learn about inter-modulation distortion (IMD) here
  • event schedule will be sent out the night before (or sooner)
  • event course will be sent out the night before (or sooner)
  • all full-size race gates must be flown through
    • this is to encourage flying within your abilities
    • if needed, turn around and make a second attempt or risk being disqualified
  • race classes will be organised into two groups
    • 4s (and below)
    • 3s (and below)
  • practice runs
    • we have had great success by holding a few practice before starting the races, we will continue this trend
  • strict no-nonsense policy for events
    • if you miss registering in time for an event — you do not fly
    • if you have the wrong power vtx — you do not fly
    • if you are on the wrong vtx channel — you do not fly
    • if you show up late — you do not fly
    • if you are not ready for your race//heat, you do not fly
    • Not trying to be mean but we have a lot of pilots at events now and these steps are necessary to keep everything operating smoothly. If you have concerns, show up early and get sorted out before the practice runs even start. Don’t hesitate to ask questions in advance!

Winter News

The club participated in a ‘group buy’ of RS90 indoor FPV racing quads with a discount from the vendor. A recent indoor event had three entered into the race, and two made it into the final 5! These quads are great for racing indoors and in tight areas due to the prop guards and small size.

The club has also seen some recent activity of winter builds, mostly flying wings –

  • NEFP RaceSpec Wing
  • FT Mighty Mini Arrow Build

Community Outreach

The club will be meeting with AMA fields in the area. The goal is to increase awareness of the hobby and educate members of the benefits of both an AMA membership and MultiGP. Ideally a different AMA chapter will host BMRC once a month and BMRC will handle logistics and organizations for race events. This would be in addition to normal BMRC events. Stay tuned.

Workshops. At every event there has been at least one request for BRMC to host a workshop on PID tuning, soldering, flight controllers, etc. We are actively scheduling these type of workshops with local venues. At present the Hatch in Watertown (The Arsenal Project) seems like a good fit.

Field News

The club is actively seeking an indoor location for regularly scheduled events during the winter. If you have any information on a warehouse space or large office space that might be interested, please contact Tom (email below).

The club is also engaging nearby park departments and land trusts for outdoor event planning (looking ahead to spring, summer). Again, please contact Tom if you have any information on land available for use.

Event News

Winter Warm Spell: Outdoor Race #1

Our first event of 2016 !

On Sunday January 31st, 8 pilots and a handful of spectators and curious new BMRC members came out to Waltham to witness and partake in FPV drone racing. While outdoor events were not expected to occur this winter season, the recent warm weather spell had plenty of us itching to get out and get flying. By popular demand we organized an event in less than a week, published it to multigp and had 8 pilots registered in 4 days.

Congratulations to Justin for dominating each of his heats and finishing first in the final race of the top 5. He currently sits undefeated at the top of the club leaderboard, available on our chapter’s MultiGP site.

Tom finished second overall by points, followed very closely by Keiji in third place. It’s worth noting that due to a loose video cable and an electrical short, two pilots dropped out of a race and Tom got to fly a heat all by himself for an easy 10 points. Since he also makes the event schedule, an independent investigation may be needed.. it is also worth noting that Keiji finished ahead in the final race 🙂

BMRC Member Videos:

Steve’s photo mash-up and head-to-head race
KG winning a race

Winter Cold Spell: Indoor Race #2

Through a gracious offer of a BMRC member the club was given access to a large office building for Sunday, Feb 7. Without knowing quite what to expect, BMRC was able to create a challenging course with limited space. The final course included both an s-turn and straightaways! 11 pilots and a few spectators got the chance to witness some tight, close-quarters flying. This event was also planned with limited time.

Congratulations to Josh for showing off some very good technical skill as he raced past the pilots area to victory throughout the day. Worthy of note was Ethan giving Josh a good challenge in numerous head-to-head races. And then there was Ricardo, flying his RS90 over the broken props and failed attempts of other pilots as he scooped up numerous points by simply refusing to crash! Extra style points for him flying over the ceiling lights on multiple race finishes 🙂

BMRC Member Videos:

Josh’s Winning Final Race (blistering speed and skill)
Event Day Footage Montage – AWESOME
more videos very likely to come soon – check Facebook or the video page!

Wrapping Up

Thank you to everyone who has signed up via and has attended one of our events. They keep getting better each time!

I also want to personally thank the BMRC members who volunteer to show up early to assist, and those who stay late to help with cleanup. I’m looking forward to many more successful events in 2016!

Happy Flying,